This years PGA Show was exciting and eventful as always.  We met with several of our favorite suppliers and have lots of exciting news and new products to share with you again this year.  With the growing demand we are seeing in the golf industry it should be another great year for Peoples Golf and most importantly for our customers. If you have any questions about new products or would like to discuss a build please reach out. 
We met with Chad Embery and Dave Schnider from Fujikura and had a great discussion with them as always.  The new Blue Ventus with Velocore+ shaft is coming out next month with plans to come out with a black and red shortly thereafter. We are sure this shaft will be a good one for us, a good way of looking at this shaft is a cross between the Ventus Blue and the TR Blue. There is also a new taper tip Axiom that is available now, with plans on coming out with some new weights and flex options later this year. Including a 125 Stiff and a possibly a 90g.  Most likely we will see some new Hybrids later this year or next year as well. 
We had dinner with Brandon Stengel from UST who runs the TSPX line.  Anyone who has been with us from the beginning knows that UST was one of our favorites off the get go.  We are excited to bring them back on board after much demand on the new Lin-Q line.  The feedback of that shaft has been very good, especially the new Lin-Q Blue Hybrid shaft which we just listed on the website.  They have a new Quantum lightweight shaft which was just released.  Another interesting thing from them is the All-In putter shaft.  Scotty Cameron has been doing some experimenting with a new graphite putter shaft which is made by UST Mamiya and is very similar to the All-In putter shaft. This putter shaft went in the bag immediately for 3 top pros. Tom Kim, Cameron Young, and Lydia Ko.  Should be interesting to see how that shakes out this year… 
We met with the guys from AutoFlex and they have a gorgeous New Autoflex Black shaft which we should be getting in and listing very soon. They also have two new models for 2024, the Dream7 which we are very excited about.  This new shaft features a slightly beefier profile which should be very popular with our customer base.  The other one is the new Joy305, which is mostly targeted towards ladies and juniors. They have 5 colors available in both of these new shafts. With that many SKUs and shafts we will do our best to keep the most popular ones in stock but some will need to be custom ordered...
VA Shafts are launching two new putter shafts in 2024.  The first is the Baddazz which is a 120g shaft, this shaft features a low torque and very stiff profile to help with stability.  The second is the Vylyn which is offered in 130g and also features a very low torque with a very stiff profile. Both are only offered in a .370 and we should have both listed very soon. Finally they have expanded the Baddazz line with two new hybrid offerings a 65g and 75g which are now available on TPC! 
We had dinner with the guys from Pros Choice who distribute Graphite Design shafts here in the US.  The Graphite Design VF has been an incredible seller for both us and them, the 50g in particular has been very good as that shaft is very stable to begin with.  They having a hard time keeping up with that demand and we woudlnt be surprised to see some backorders on them throughout this spring.  They are also very excited about the new Anti-Gravity which is coming out in the next month or two. They had a couple down at the show and the shaft performed especially well in testing, especially considering how light this shaft is at 37g. 
New for 2024 is the Mitsubishi Diamana WB this new version of the ever popular Whiteboard shaft is back celebrating the 20th anniversary of Mitsubishi Diamana. This shaft not only looks stunning in a matte black but has been getting play on tour from several top pros including Rickie Fowler and several others.  This shaft features the MR70 graphite and a very similar profile as the original Whiteboard, low launch and spin. 
We meet with several guys from Srixon and XXIO.  Srixon has a new Black Chrome ZX5 and ZX7 iron set coming out soon which we are very excited about.  These look incredible and we are sure they will go fast as they are a limited time offering. If you are interested in getting one of our sets please reach out as we dont expect them to last long… 
We also checked out the new Prime clubs from XXIO.  We are an authorized dealer of XXIO so if you have any questions please reach out. 
We got to see all of the new Callaway product in hand, we got a lot of it in last week just before we left and havent had the chance to try it yet. We are hearing some really good things on the new AI Smoke lineup.  We met with Johny Wunder as well as Brock Kaufman our component representative.  We are very optimistic we will be seeing some TCB iron sets again this year. Quite possibly a limited offering of the Triple Diamond Max driver as well as some S heads again this year.  Anyone who really knows golf equipment knows they have tons of tour only models out there for the tour guys.  We love that they dont try and hide these and are planning on continuing to offer some of these tour products to us. After all the Triple Diamond Max Driver has been their most popular driver model on tour.
We meet with David Lee who is the Asia and LIV Ping tour rep.  He had some interesting stuff to say and to show us.  The first is the new PLD putters with 4 new models and 3 finishes which should be coming out soon. The new Ping 10K driver which is already picking up play on tour, we got out demos in stock in those so if you are interested in trying these or the new Blueprint irons please let us know. He also said the LST Driver gets about 80% of their tour play over the G430 Max Driver.  Then the G430 Max Fairway is their real winner on tour getting about 90-95% of play with the tour pros. They also have a new gorgeous S59 wedge coming out as well as the new I530 and G730 irons.
New for 2024 is the Cobra Darkspeed Driver, Fairway, and Irons. All of which are getting awesome feedback and made the 2024 Golf Digest Hot List.  We expect these to be great sellers this year for our customer base.  They are now available and going fast so email us to discuss your next build. 
We meet with Bill Holloway and Kevin Oconnell from Miura golf.  They have some exciting new stuff coming out this year. There is a New 602 iron line coming out this year.  They are also in plans to come out with a new Tour Series Wedge replacement.  This wedge will be a cross between the HB and Tour Series with a possibility of several grind options including a new K Grind in that wedge.  We are also hopeful we will see some raw wedges from Miura shortly thereafter.  Should be another great year for these guys, the Miura product has only been getting better and better over the past few years. 
We had an awesome conversation with Nick Venson from Swag Golf. As I am sure you guys know we have been big fans of theirs from the very beginning.  Nick is the former owner of Tour Stock Putters and we have worked together for over 10 years now.  We have a lot of really exciting stuff planned for both Peoples Golf and Tour Stock Putters in 2024.  We expect to see some exclusive offerings from Swag very soon with some other options down the road.  There is also some new wedges and a new putter line coming out this year from Swag as well as some really cool head covers and limited release putters.  We are also expecting to see a lot more tour putters from them in 2024 so if you are after something specific please reach out.
In tour news Taylormade who wasnt at the PGA show this year has a New Tour Only Version 2 Qi10 Driver out on tour.  This head is also known as the Dot head as it has a dot after the loft to indicate which version it is. This driver is currently being used by Rory McIlroy, Colin Morikawa and several others.  We should start to see some Taylormade tour heads over the new few weeks so if you are looking for something just reach out. To see some more info on these tour only versions see our friends over at GolfWRX. 
-Will Peoples