Dominate the course and unlock your true potential with the Graphite Design Tour AD VF. This brand-new high-performance shaft, the latest evolution in the renowned Tour AD series, packs a punch. It's designed to unleash explosive power while maintaining laser-sharp control, aptly named for the "Victory Force." Let's delve into the features, benefits, and who's already trusting their game to the VF.

Unveiling the VF's Arsenal:

  • Cutting-Edge Materials: At the heart of the VF lies a potent blend of advanced materials. The Torayca M40X carbon fiber in the butt section minimizes lag and promotes a smooth feel, while the Torayca T1100G with Nanoalloy technology throughout the mid and tip sections ensures exceptional stability and precise control.
  • Engineered Performance: The VF boasts a firm butt, stiff+ mid, and very stiff tip profile. This translates to low/mid launch and low spin, ideal for golfers seeking accuracy and piercing ball flight. Tame those tight fairways and find the green in regulation with confidence.
  • Feel is Paramount: Despite its focus on power and control, the VF doesn't compromise on feel. The high-quality materials and meticulous design work together to deliver a smooth and responsive feel, allowing you to connect on drives yet provides valuable feedback throughout the swing.
  • Tailored Fit: Recognizing that no two swings are alike, the VF comes in a wide range of flexes (R2, R1, S, X, TX) and weights (40g, 50g, 60g, 70g, 80g). This ensures you can find the perfect shaft that seamlessly integrates with your swing mechanics and maximizes your clubhead speed.

Who's Embracing the Victory Force?

The VF is already turning heads on the PGA Tour. Legendary golfer Tiger Woods became the first to debut the shaft in his driver at the 2023 Hero World Challenge, a testament to its potential. Joining him are players like Matt Every, known for his precision and ball control, and Kevin Streelman, renowned for his smooth swing and feel-based approach. These early adopters showcase the shaft's versatility and its ability to benefit golfers with diverse playing styles.

Is the VF Right for You?

If you're searching for a shaft that delivers power, control, and exceptional feel, the Graphite Design Tour AD VF deserves your attention. Its impressive material technology, performance-oriented design, and wide range of options make it a compelling choice for both amateurs and professionals alike.

-Will Peoples

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“The VF maintains the signature Graphite Design feel yet provides a piercing ball flight unlike anything else I have ever hit.”
- Jon in FL
"The VF is exactly what you pay for as it lowered my spin rate and tightened dispersion. You can really feel the shaft load through the swing with perfect mid trajectory. IMO it feels better than my Ventus Black. Peoples Golf delivered it to exact spec as always. Would highly recommend."
-Dylan in OK 
"One of the best if not the best shaft I have ever hit. Helps me keep the ball out of the wind yet doesnt feel like a piece of rebar. Its easy to see why this thing is picking up so much play on tour, well done Graphite Design."
-Jackson in OH