1. Mitsubishi Tensei 1k

    The new Mitsubishi TENSEI Pro White 1K shaft completely changes the game when it comes to golf equipment. The innovative construction, awesome feel, and creative development promise a powerful shaft...

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  2. VA Composites VYLYN

    Golf is an art form, a sport that is to be appreciated and admired. We are excited to now be carrying VA Shafts VYLYN...

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  3. LA Golf Shafts

    LA Golf Shafts Logo

    The Peoples Club is excited to be expanding our brand by adding the entire lineup of LA Golf Shafts. Shying away from the conventional, LA Golf strays away from the ordinary and creates specifically player-engineered shafts to promise the closest thing to the real deal on the market.  

    Founded by LA Golf Partners (LAGP), LA Golf Shafts designs develops and manufactures performance-driven and technologically advanced shafts in partnership with some of the top players in the game.
    LA Golf Shafts recently bought the rights and company from the now-defunct Matrix shaft which will allow them to now be carrying a few of the best Matrix Shafts on the market including the White Tie, Red Tie, and Black Tie and TP7HDE.

    Staying true to their innovative business model,
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  4. Graphite Design VR

    Graphite Designs latest addition to in the Tour AD premium line of golf shafts, the Graphite Design Tour AD VR – designed to “Vanquish all Rivals” is now in stock at TPC. In our constant quest to carry “Only the Best” products we tested these shafts and were blown away by this profile.

    Atheistically, the VR falls right in line with the AD line. The graphics might not be as bold or conspicuous as others but it’s a dependable no-nonsense approach that seldom results in a color scheme anyone would consider an eyesore.

    The Tour AD VR, like other premium Tour AD wood shafts, utilizes premium, aerospace quality 50t carbon-fiber materials and it has a slightly higher balance point than the other current Tour AD wood shaft profiles. The Tour AD VR shaft also utilizes FTT -Fast Taper Technology, which incorporates a faster taper rate from the grip to the lower mid-section

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  5. Graphite Design MAD

    The Peoples Clubs is excited to now be carrying the new Graphite Design MAD – Maximum Accuracy and Distance wood shafts.

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  6. Graphite Design TP

    The Tour AD TP, Graphite Designs newest offering... 

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