If you’re looking for a shaft with a higher launching capability, then you absolutely have to check out Fujikura’s new Speeder Evolution V. The Evo 5 has is the highest-launching shaft in Fuijkura’s entire premier series. Consistency is definitely key when you are on the course and the Evoultion 5 deliverers the consistency and dependability you need. 

According to Fujikura, the “materials and engineering processes that make up the V are more advanced than any Speeder that came before.” With the claims from Fujikura, paired with our own in house trials of the shaft, we just had to add it to our line-up in order to continue providing our customers with “Only the Best.” 

Fuijkura is changing up the norm with this shaft and decided to launch an entirely new color combination. The Evo 5 brings a new sleek gradient blue to the Speeder family, something we have never seen before and in our opinion the best looking shaft in this family.

It wouldn’t be right to dawn the Evo 5 as the highest-launching shaft in the Speeder Evolution family if the feel of the shaft didn’t back up the claim, and lucky for customers, this shaft does just that. The Evo 5 has a smooth, crisp release in the downswing and makes it feel like you are effortlessly channeling all of your energy into the ball. No need to worry about not being able to handle the energy behind the EVO 5. Unlike other more active shafts, the EVO 5 is predictable and consistent time after time. 

The tip of the Evo 5 is firm and reliable and makes it easy to find your groove and stick to a rhythm. 

The Speeder Evolution V is available in four different models/weights: the 474, 569, 661, and 757.  The numbers correspond to weights of approximately 40, 50, 60, and 70 grams.  Across the four models, you can get any flex from Senior to Tour X.

To purchase the new Fujikura Evolution 5 shaft please go here.  Or if you would like to discuss a custom build or are in need of a new shaft recommendation please Email Will.