The Honma TR21X is a new offering in the player’s distance category and will replace the Honma T/World TW-x while serving as the most forgiving iron in the TR line.  The TR21X irons are Honma’s first entry into the hollow player’s distance category and are going to make the biggest impact as far as any iron they have released to date.

The technology behind the iron calls for a hollow iron for maximum distance performance with confidence at address. Tungsten weight and high repulsion face provide increased forgiveness and outstanding distance performance.

The TR21X and the whole TR iron series follow what has become an industry trend by designing entire families of irons that allow fitters and golfers to perfectly blend together their perfect combo set.

If you’re looking for a big, forgiving distance iron with just enough of a player-preferred look so you can convince yourself that it kinda, sorta, still looks like a blade, the TR21X fits the bill.

The TR21X irons follow the classic looks of the TR20V, TR20P and TR20B single-piece forged irons, but offer meaningful game improvement technologies with an unsupported high-strength Carpenter steel face insert. 

Compared to the forged cavity back TR20P, the TR21X has a slightly longer blade length, but a deeper and lower center of gravity that allows for lofts that are one degree stronger. The hollow frame also uses foam to improve sound and feel.

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