The Diamana ZF from Mitsubishi stays true to the brand and gives fans exactly what they have come to expect from Mitubishi, afterall Diamana’s deep history in the world of golf was built on consistency and trust. 

While the Diamana has all of the historical luxuries of the brand – the ZF Series does provide golfers with a new take on the classic that every golfer will want to add to their bag. Billed as taking the BF-Series and extending it in just the right places – the Diamana ZF-Series is stiffer in the butt and tip – with a slight tweak in the mid section for a little more action. 

Diamana fans have long picked sides when it comes to shafts – blue vs. white – but that may all change with the ZF Series since the explosive feel and tip stability is less divisive and more prone to have something for everyone. 

You can expect to see a slight increase in ball speed after the mid-launch – despite your type of swing. 

If you're interested in getting a recommendation please email Will. Otherwise to purchase go here, or see what some of our other customers thought about it below. 

“From a feel standpoint if you read about the shaft on Mitsubishi's website it's clearly based on the Blueboard profile, but I heard a lot of industry chatter that said it feels closer to a Whiteboard with just with higher launch. I could not disagree with that statement more. The mid section is quite active and you can feel it quite a bit in your swing compared to any whiteboard profile. For that reason I would say this shaft is going to fit the Blueboard user that has a smoother transition looking to lower spin a lot better than a whiteboard user with a more violent transition looking to raise launch. I saw the launch I was looking for and spin numbers were in a good window but my normal baby fade had a lot more left to right movement than I get with a Whiteboard profile. It's not nearly as stable as any whiteboard shaft in the Mitsubishi lineup but it does achieve it's goal of sitting right in the middle of the DF and BF model. Overall I can see this being a great shaft boarder line holy grail for a smooth swinger, but anyone with a quick transition should stick with a more stable profile.”

-Ryan Ward


“The ZF is an extremely gorgeous shaft that produces some long drives. The ZF is a very smooth feeling shaft; not boardy at all. Extremely playable and while provide consistent mid-low launch ball flights. 

Great Will, now you have me missing the ZF”

-Charles in NY 


“Great shaft! Smooth but stiffer feel in handle vs something like the DF/BF or Tensei White. I played it for about 5 rounds before going back to the Ventus Black. I could easily play either shaft and might go back to trying the ZF at some point. Mid Launch and low spin just as advertised. It's probably my favorite shaft cosmetically.”

- Daniel in WA


“I love the ZF. It's smoother then the Tensei White. It has very good dispersion. Highly recommend the shaft.”

-Quan in OK 


“So far I’ve loved this in my bag. I was coming from a tensi orange and was looking for a bit more feedback through the swing. 10 rounds in it’s much more consistent then my old tensi, it reminds me of the old smooth blueboard profiles from the late 2000’s.  I’ve seen a small bump in ball speed and my spin has come down 300rpm’s from the old orange.  Subjectively I think it’s the best looking shaft out there, the ion coating stands out, and certainly turns heads.  Unfortunately it’s not as widely available, but I’m glad I put it in the bag.”

- Stephen in CA


“The Diamana ZF was an experiment for me. I wanted to try a shaft in my 3 wood that had a little more "feel". Now, many people experience feel differently in a golf shaft. The prior shaft in my 3 wood was a Tensei Pro White and for those who have never played a Pro White shaft, its a tip stiff and butt stiff shaft. When swinging it, I don't experience much play in the shaft during the back or downswing. The pro white is an excellent shaft but if I'm going out on an early tee time and didn't get a good warm up in, swinging my 3 wood was a chore because I didn't feel I had the umph needed to get the shaft to work properly. More technically, I felt I wasn't able to load the shaft properly. 


That is where the Diamana ZF comes into play. The shaft that got me into the Tensei Pro White shaft was my old Diamana Whiteboard. I loved the whiteboard because I felt I could really put it through its paces and the control was always there. A buddy of mine played the blue board and whenever he would let me swing his blue board, I felt like the shaft had more give to it during the downswing. That little give felt nice. It felt like I was loading the shaft more than my whiteboard. However, at delivery, it was russian roulette whether or not the face was going to be square at impact. The feel was great but the result was always a compromise. The whiteboard didn't feel as smooth and easy to load giving that nice feedback in your hands but I knew it would deliver square at impact.  Hearing about the ZF being somewhat of a more beefed up Blueboard, I had to throw it into my 3 wood and give it a shot. Knowing that someone who swings out of their shoes like Justin Thomas plays it and can hit her straight, I know it's not a shaft that is going to feel like a noodle when you really wanna go after one. So, I picked one up.


You can probably see where I am going with this, and it goes without saying, this shaft was the perfect blend of the feel of the blueboard and the stability of the whiteboard. With that said, if you are not a fan of the blueboard, I wouldn't shy away from giving the Diamana ZF a shot. Comparing results to my Pro white, I felt right away that my 3 wood was more versatile. The smooth feel of the ZF opened up the opportunity to hit my 3 wood at 75-80% power off a tee with a tight fairway without fearing not loading the shaft enough to get the output I needed with less swing speed. I don't feel that I can do that with my Tensei pro white. And while that may be a perception thing more than anything, it still plays into the confidence I have in approaching these other types of shots. And on a course. that's huge. 


Finally, if the performance wasn't enough, the appearance of this shaft is unbelievable. With the steel x100 driver and 3 wood shaft becoming all the craze lately with Jimmy Walker and others talking about it in the woods, this ZF pays homage to the look of that sleek steel shaft. The high gloss silver finish almost looks like a steel shaft from afar and all my buddies had to ask to look at it up close when they couldn't believe it was graphite. I give this shaft a 10/10. Went right into the bag as a fun experiment to see what all the hype was about and ended up being quite a success! If you're on the fence or aren't sure whether this shaft is right for you, I highly recommend you give it a shot and don't think you'll be disappointed.”

- Skylar in LA 


“Hey Will,

We just kinda opened up from the lockdown.. had my first game last Friday and with the ZF..

“Explosive feel and sound off the face.. had some really longer drives as compared to other shafts I’ve used!” 

- KM in Singapore 


“Hi Will,

The ZF is a top performer for me. I'd say that the 'buzz' around this shaft is justified.   Feel in transition and at impact is really stable, but can definitely still feel the softer mid-section of the shaft.   I'd compare it to the old whiteboard for stability but maybe a little closer to the feel of the blueboard.    

I transitioned from a TourAD TP6 in hopes to bring down launch angle with reduced spin, and this shaft delivers in those two areas. I did pick up 3-5 yards, but biggest change is in dispersion - definitely finding more fairways now.”

-Scott in IA