Muira Black 501

Since we first started carrying Miura, the company has never failed to impress us with their new products and evolving technology that helps golfers on all levels rise to the occasion. With the new Miura MC 501-Forged Muscle Cavity launched this Spring, they continue to do just that.

The MC 501 irons is one of three equipment releases Miura has lined up for 2018 and is something we haven’t seen from the company since its inception. The MC-501 irons is the first entirely new iron decision since the CB Series the company released in 1957. Miura created this iron to be a modern blade, while maintaining the traditional aspects of a muscleback iron intended to boost performance on off-center strikes. The versatility of this iron highlights the irons workability, even though it wont be categorized as a game-improvement club.

The Miura MC 501- Forged Muscle is made from premium Soft Carbon Steel and is extremely forgiving for a blade. This iron combines the playability of a blade with the forgiveness of a cavity back. Incorporating the iconic “Y” Grind created by Yoshitaka Miura, the MC-501 delivers solid ball contact and will appeal to players beyond the low-handicapped golfer.

As with all products, we have tested this out ourselves, and I think its safe to say that the Miura MC 501- Forged Muscle probably has one of the most forgiving blades I have ever hit. Don’t just take my word for it, check out the feedback and what others are saying about these impressive irons.

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"Everything was perfect! Love the clubs and so far every round in the 70’s , so as long as that continues the clubs stay in the car and out of the basement! Thanks again." – Britt in IL

"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the most beautiful irons I have ever had. Can't want for the weekend to try them. If they play half as good as they look I am going to be a scratch player again soon!!!" Thanks again – Robbie in South Africa

"Dude. Those irons are so dang pure. They make my Titleist cbs feel like Doo doo. Thank you man." – Paul in NJ 

"These irons look and play great! They still give great feel with some forgiveness compared to my ping s55 I was playing. It is hard to find someone with skill and gratitude. Thanks again." –  George in IN