Miura Tour Series


Need something to help you with your short game? Well you are in luck! We are now carrying Miura’s new Tour Series Wedges which were specifically designed to provide golfers with more versatility in their short game. If you are looking to improve different types of shots around the green, we recommend giving these new wedges a try. 

Remember, the thing that makes the Miura brand so exceptional is the incomparable design and manufacturing quality. There are no gimmicks when it comes to Miura – what you see is what you get and what you always get is a classic looking design and a high-performing, easy to grip product. 

Building on a reputation of impressive wedges, Miura has added innovative technology, such as the first ever milled wedges, to their already impressive merchandise. The milling process that the clubface and groves undergo for these wedges are believed to help players achieve a higher level of consistency when it comes to spin and moving around the green. Miura’s Tour Series Wedges are the perfect tool for any golfer, regardless of experience level and can cater to any player’s swing characteristics while working well on any type of turf. 

To purchase go here.  Don't forget we also have the Tour Series in Black on TSP!

"What a beautiful wedge!  I was worried about the head size being too small since Miura describes the tour model as smaller but it’s really perfect!  Thanks again for your efforts."

-David in TN