Fujikura set out to create a shaft that was able to multiply swing speed rather than only increasing it – and they did just that with the release of the Motore X! Taking a look at the entire functionality of a club – the weight, the spin, the head, the tip – all combined with the measurements of a golf ball – Fujikura was able to implore multiplying technologies to develop a complete package product.

For multiple swing speeds, the Motore X focuses on two specific design components – the handle section and the bias layer. The focus on the handle section helped Fujikura learn that a torsionally stuffer handle section increased the speed for players who placed more load on the shaft and by using full-length Pitch 70 fibers in the bias layer, Fujikura was able to alter the shaft performance even more.

Giving players variety, the Motore X comes in two different Models, the F1 and F3. The F1 will be lower spinning/lower launching compared to the F3 which is less stuff with a tad more spin and higher launch.

Fujikura’s price point for the Motore X is also a strong selling point, as the new shaft offers a more affordable option than previous designs such s the Ventus or Speeder Evo V.

If you would like a recommendation please email us, or if you are ready to purchase go here. See what some of customers thought of the new Motore X below.  

" I am loving this shaft more and more each round that I use it.  The shaft gives you a good idea when it’s loaded and you can feel a kick when it releases. I switched from ventus black into the F1 and has a little more feel but maintains stability.  Overall I have nothing bad to say and an contemplating putting the F3 in my 3 wood I like the driver so much."

-Cheyne in CA. 

"I have had a chance to game this shaft for many rounds.  I must say it is the fastest, most consistent shaft I have ever played.  I have it in a SIM 9.0 driver and rarely miss the fairway, along with about 5-10 yards of added distance.  This will be in my bag for some time to come."

-Casper in TN 

"I have played with the shaft about twice a week since I received it.  The build quality was excellent and the shaft has been incredibly stable and balanced in my G410 head. It has helped reduce my misses and I have been very happy overall with the shaft. Please let me know what other details I can provide that would be helpful. Thank you for the work you do with GolfWRX. I hope all is well.

-Chad in NC 

"It is my favorite shaft of all time now.  I have the ventus in my 3wood and this Motore X is very similar except slightly softer (F3) and more solid feeling.  Basically the same shaft as the more expensive brother Ventus (blue), but easier to hit.  I picked up a 7S version and it is performing better than any shaft I’ve ever had."

-Scott in MN 

“I finally found the perfect combination of explosive ball speed and smoothness in my Motore X F1. Launch angle and spin rate is spot on without feeling too soft or too stiff. Went through Rogue, T1100, Speeder, Atmos and Whiteboard and finally dialed it in!”

 - Tom in TX