TaylorMade never sleeps and as soon as they get one product perfect, they make it even better. That’s exactly what they have done with the new 2018 drivers. This thing is dangerous. It’s new multi-curved face design -- or the Twist Face – is unlike anything we have ever seen before. You are probably used to drivers having one constant curve from the heel to toe and then again from the crown to sole, but the M4 is changing the technology we are used to and is totally switching up the game.

Instead of relying on the consistent curve we are used to, TaylorMade  spent a ton of time researching various of shots from elite to amateurs and determined the bulge wasn’t launching with sidespin back toward the centerline for increased accuracy like they had hoped. So TaylorMade went back to the drawing board and created the M3/M4, which features curves like no other driver on the market. There are next level curves just above center as it moves toward the toe, and then below center, there are curves as it moves toward the heel. You have to know what you are looking for to see this subtle difference, but once you try it, the virtually undetectable adjustment produces an off-center hit that fly less offline. 

TaylorMade’s M3 driver is well known for establishing maximum adjustability, but the M4 takes it a step further and offers more forgiveness and overall is lighter when you get it in your hands, 15 grams lighter to be exact. The M4 has been in the game since February and has been making waves ever since. Golfers are able to experience consistently high driving performance with the new driver.

"I was finally able to get out and hit a few more balls with the M4 driver on the Flightscope today. It’s been on the chilly side here and windy, so it’s been a little tough to judge, but I think I’m loving what I’m seeing so far on the IZ 6X. Overall, I love the M4 head – my smash numbers are back up to near-perfect 1.50. I always struggled with that M1 head we built to get the smash and ball speed numbers where they should have been."
- John in CO
"Hey Will, that m4 was a monster, easily 10 yards by my retail M4.  Nice work!"
-Ryan in AZ
"It’s awesome! So far best driver I’ve hit since the Tour SLDR driver. It’s really strange how much beer it is than the Rouge. I’m right out the middle so not sure what’s he difference other than the bulge/Roll from the twisted face? It’s really night and day difference between the two driver . The Rouge is nice and straight but not easy the drawn the TM has a nice right to left drawn and the roll out is so much better at the same lofts."
-Sam in DC.