Hybrids shafts are always a hot topic, as they tend to be hit or miss with most golfers. Finding the perfect hybrid is typically centered around finding the right shaft. The Nippon NS Pro Modus 3 Hybrid shaft found the perfect combination by using both steel and graphite for a strong ball flight with softer feel.

The sleek matte black appearance of the Nippon Modus 3 Hybrid shaft will stand out in your bag – with the perfect graphics to make it pop. Although the hybrid has the toughness of steel, Nippon has found a genius way to infuse the steel to feel smooth and steady. 

The shaft’s bend profile allows for a mid-launch and spin—but lends itself to golfers who typically favor a stronger shaft feel. The combo of steel and graphite is down to a science, which means you are going to see a near-identical trajectory every swing. The stability of the steel and the lightweight of the graphite proves to be the ideal combination for any stronger player.

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“For me, the Nippon GOST shaft went into a Hybrid(TaylorMade SIM). I must be the only one that was not able to hit a Hybrid club. In crunch time, it seemed I always struck it well, but would always balloon on me. The issue was the balloon was a really bad miss tot he right. Not a good place for me. After putting in the Nippon GOST, I have really been able to control the trajectory as well as shot shape with a much easier club(Hybrid) to hit, over my love hate relationship with my 2 iron.

This shaft gave me the confidence to put a club in my bag that I have never been able to trust. I now see why so many have gone the way of Hybrids. As usual, it takes the right combination(club head/shaft.)”

-Sean in NV



“I’m a 3-4 handicap with higher swing speed.  I wanted to replace my 4 iron for a hybrid to add some forgiveness, especially when playing for position off the tee.  I play the X7 in my irons and the GOST Shaft is a nice transition in my hybrid going into my longer clubs.

I got the shaft a little shorter than standard because I wanted the 4 hybrid to feel more like an iron than a wood. 

I’m not much of a shaft ‘feel’ guy... but I swing fast with a quick transition and I can time it up well.

My TS3 23 with the GOST Shaft has become one of my more reliable clubs both off the tee and into the greens on par 5s.”

-Mike in NY 


“Very happy with it, the 4 hybrid is one of my favorite clubs now. I am not a fan of graphite in hybrids and prefer lighter weight steel, so it was a good choice. 


Have Nippon Modus 120’s in my 5-PW and it has a very similar great feel with a nice mid flight. 


Will definitely recommend it to anyone.”

- Dave in NY


“I absolutely love the GOST shaft in both my hybrids. It gives you the plush feel at contact that graphite alone doesn't give you but on the flip side it seems to dampen some of the vibration at the same time. It's hard to describe but I play the Mizuno JPX 919 Tour irons and one of the key reasons is how they feel. The biggest compliment I can give the GOST it it reminds me of that feel those irons give only with my hybrid. 


Lastly, for me it was a perfect option to get the right gapping out of my long irons into my hybrid. Going with this shaft and a little shorter playing length gave me spot on gapping.

-Stuart in Australia 


“I would consider myself a shaft junkie. Living in Montana I am forced to just buy a bunch to demo them. In regards to the Nippon, it has been really solid. I feel like my dispersion has improved greatly with it vs a few other shafts I’ve had in the SIM. The combo has been exactly what I’ve wanted. It’s a keeper!”

-Cody in MO


“I would say it is absolutely ideal for the transition of graphite to steel within the set.  usually the longer woods or driving irons hybrids are graphite and irons begin with steel, so the gost is a perfect fit for the transition from driver or fwy wood to the irons.  ideal for hybrids and driving irons.  also, i sort of have a hunch of an upcoming trend, since the majority of problems with hybrids are golfer's tendencies to turn over or hook the ball.  with the gost, and the way i had you customize it, a 4h with the gost at 4i length, is perfect.  you lose less distance than you might think but gain great consistency and feedback on miss hits.  standing a little closer to the ball, changing the plane, to encourage a smaller chance to pull the ball.


This club has become one of the best in my bag.  if i didnt crush my 5i and driving iron, i would easily fit another hybrid with a trimmed gost shaft in there.”

-Chris in Canada