The new HZRDUS Smoke RDX shaft from Project X was first unveiled last August, and since it was first revealed, the technology has proved to be innovative and efficient. 

Smoke Black RDX features an ultra-stiff midsection along with a stiff tip section to provide a low launch and low spin shaft designed to keep up with your swing.

To produce the shaft, HZRDUS shaft, Project X teamed up with Hexcel, a global leader in composites technology for aerospace and military operations based out of Stamford, Connecticut, for the purpose of utilizing their HexTow® carbon fibers to add more stability to the already extremely stable line of HZRDUS Smoke shafts.

The Project X HZRDUS line of shafts has established itself as a shaft built for golfers with aggressive swing tempos, and that continues with the new HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX.

Hexcel’s HexTow® carbon fibers represent the highest quality aerospace-grade carbon fiber and are used in the construction of some of the world’s most advanced aircraft including the Airbus A350 XWB, F18 E/F, A380, and more. 

The HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX is rock solid, following in the footsteps of its predecessors.  Designed for players with medium to fast tempos and transitions, these shafts will have a nice feel of release through impact but still provide a low-mid to mid ball flight with mid to mid-low spin. 

The Project X HZRDUS Smoke RDX is the first golf shaft to utilize Hexcel’s new HexTow® HM54 high modulus carbon fiber and combines it with high tensile strength HexTow® IM2C carbon fiber to provide the perfect blend of stiffness and stability desired by engineers to build into the HZRDUS shafts.

To purchase it go here. Or if you would like a recommendation email us. To see what some of our other customers thought of the new Smoke RDX see below. 

"I absolutely love it! I kept debating on getting that shaft when I ordered it in my 3 wood. Now I am considering ordering one for my driver because it fits my swing so well. The shaft loads very well for my smoother swing style. Also, if I feel like trying to get after one it does not feel like it gets left behind. I recommend it to anyone looking for a smooth feeling shaft. I think I hit my 3 wood farther than my driver at the moment because of that shaft."

- Eric in SC

"Pretty much everything the Ventus Blue has to offer but with tad more crisp and linear feel. Nice shaft…”

-Marcos in Mexico

"I have been a LONG TIME player of the HZRDUS Handcrafted Black, and have tried TONS of different shafts that will produce a similar ball flight while adding more “feel” with not much luck.  When I tried the RDX Black I loved it.  It’s really stiff in the mid section and feels a little stiffer in the tip compared to the regular HZRDUS Black.  It definitely has more “feel” than the Handcrafted Black which is a good thing if you want similar flight with the feel of more load.  Absolutely worth a go if you’ve got a heavy load from the top and dont want the feel of a telephone poll.

First off, really really cool color!!!  Love the PVD Blue.  There is something about a “good looking” shaft that just makes you want to hit it.  Same as a driver head really, or any club for that matter.  The RDX Blue is super solid.  Has all the feel of a Mid launch, Mid Spin shaft and it has some counter balance to it as well.  I put mine into a low spin fairway wood head and it is AMAZING!!  Probably compares in feel to a Ventus Blue but without the super stiff tip."

-Aaron in CA