Say hello to Callaway Golf’s most popular Epic Speed driver on Tour — the Epic Speed Triple Diamond. Specifically optimized for increased control and workability — the driver was inspired by Tour feedback and crafted to create a neutral look. Pieced together with the newly launched Jailbreak Speed Frame Technology — the Epic Speed Triple Diamond Driver is engineered for incredibly fast ball speeds.

Using the guidance of advanced Artificial Intelligence, Callaway crafted a uniquely optimized Flash Face design for each Epic model.  The face's unique design and super strength titanium construction combine to produce optimal ball speed, forgiveness and spin robustness on both center and off-center strikes.

The Speed variant of the Epic lineup differentiates itself with its Cyclone Aero shape.  This advanced aerodynamic head shape promotes lower drag for higher club head speed, leading to higher ball speed.  The taller ribbon and flatter crown help golfers generate more speed from their swing.

To see what some of our customers thought see below.  If you would like a recommendation, please email us.  Or go here to purchase.  As always everything we sell is fully built to spec in house. 


“The triple diamond head is great. Easy to control the flight of the ball compared to the epic flash head I was using. Also the combination of the GD shaft has added a bit more weight and I’ve found that swing tempo is everything with this setup. If I get quick, the miss seems to be a decent little pull but if I stay smooth and keep my head speeds around 116-118 I can get carry distances averaging around 307 and ball speeds around 168-170. 

I’m not sure it you put any kind of hot melt in the head the sound is definitely muted compared to my old head. It has a very pleasing pure sound to it. It took some getting used to quite frankly but the results spoke for themselves. With the slightly smaller CC head I love the way it looks, a bit old fashioned and the increased face height makes working the ball in both directions more consistent, while taking out the big misses. 

Overall, I think the head is fantastic. Just like any new club it takes some adjustment but once I found that groove, this is an AMAZING setup that I look forward to playing for a long time. Everyone I’ve played with has asked about it and I’ve told them to contact you for their custom build needs. Your customer service is second to none!!

I appreciate all your help and dedication to your craft and look forward to continued business in the future.”

-Mark in NV


“I love the way the EPIC Speed Triple Diamond sits at address and also enjoy the shape of the head. It seems to retain ball speeds across the face for me with little drop off on mis-hits. Feel is also tremendous. Very happy so far in the transition from the SIM2.”

-Luke in AL


“It’s been really nice. Sets up very square and on the flatter side which I prefer. Great sound/feel, nice and solid but not loud with a springy feel off the face.”

-Ryan in NC 


“Epic Speed Triple Diamond. Long, forgiving and amazing feel and acoustics. Everything the Epic Flash Triple Diamond is with better acoustic. I love how much roll I can get with the speed triple diamond. This is without sacrificing forgiveness. The launch is also much more piercing, I attributed this to the shape of the head, much shorter face to back compared to the epic flash. Thanks for the building the epic speed triple diamond, Will! Cheers!”

-Ivan in CA


“The Triple Diamond is the best shaped driver I’ve ever seen. It’s got a great deep sound at impact. And it’s not too low spin which is great. It’s an amazing club. “

-Billy in AK