1. Project X Smoke RDX

    The new HZRDUS Smoke RDX shaft from Project X was first unveiled last August, and since it was first revealed, the technology has proved to be innovative and efficient...

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  2. Honma TR-21X

    The Honma TR21X is a new offering in the player’s distance category...

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  3. New 2021 Project X Iron Shafts

    True Temper really came out swinging with the new ProjectX Shafts – ProjectX LS or ProjectX IO are two new iron sets that check all the boxes...

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  4. Taylormade P770 and P7MC

    When the P770s arrived at The Peoples Golf headquarters we were anxious to see how TaylorMade had managed to improve their performance. Designed to be slight smaller than the P790s, they didn’t disappoint...

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  5. Graphite Design HD

    Golfers looking to increase ball speed while lowering spin need to look no further than Graphite Design’s all new Tour AD HD...

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  6. Fujikura Ventus Hybrid

    Ventus shafts have been a staple in The Peoples Clubs inventory since we first launched and over the last two years, Ventus has been our best selling shaft. So you can imagine how eager we have been for the Ventus Hybrid shaft to hit the shelves...

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  7. Honma TR-20 B

    With so much exposure on tour, making their way into the bags of players like Sergio Garcia, Honma's Japanese forged irons released three new models to meet the needs of every player...

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  8. Nippon GOST Hybrid Shaft

    Hybrids shafts are always a hot topic, as they tend to be hit or miss with most golfers. Finding the perfect hybrid is typically centered around finding the right shaft. The Nippon NS Pro Modus 3 Hybrid shaft found the perfect combination by using both steel and graphite for a strong ball flight with softer feel.

    The sleek matte black appearance of the Nippon Modus 3 Hybrid shaft will stand out in your bag – with the perfect graphics to make it pop. Although the hybrid has the toughness of steel, Nippon has found a genius way to infuse the steel to feel smooth and steady. 

    The shaft’s bend profile allows for a mid-launch and spin—but lends itself to golfers who typically favor a stronger shaft feel. The combo of steel and graphite is down to a science, which means you are going to see a near-identical trajectory every swing. The stability of the steel and the lightweight of the graphite proves to be the ideal combination for any stronger player.

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  9. Mitsubishi AV Raw

    When Mitsubishi Chemical Golf introduced the TENSEI AV Blue shaft in 2019, it was an immediate hit with golfers...

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  10. Mitsubishi MMT

    When it comes to developing the newest technologies utilizing the newest materials, Mitsubishi has been the “go to” for more than 30 years. The Mitsubishi MMT is no exception and the latest creation the company has put out.

    MMT – Metal Mesh Technology--  is a total game changer. Using an end-to-end manufacturing approach, Mitsubishi begins the shaft-making process with layers of prepreg stacked up to create the core of the shaft. The geniuses behind this iron series is how they integrate metal mesh into the layers of prepreg toward the tip of the shaft. The resin reinforced fabric pre-impregnated with carbon fibers will totally change up your opinion of a graphite iron shaft. Mitsubishi’s manufacturing process allows the company to precisely distribute flex into the irons shafts, which the company says cannot be replicated with an all-steel product.

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